How do elephants communicate? How do they eat?

Elephants communicate in a variety of ways. They make sounds such as trumpeting and low growls and also make subsonic noises that are too low for any person to hear but which can travel through the ground to be heard many miles away. Elephants also will communicate through touch, sort of like people do through handshakes and hugs. They might touch other elephants with their trunks or just rub up against the others in their herd. Baby elephants can often be seen doing this with their mothers. Finally, elephants communicate through body posture. A number of things, including how they are standing and how they hold their trunk and ears, all let other animals know how they are feeling.

Elephants eat just like you and me, with their mouth! They do not have hands, however, and use their trunk to pick up food items off the ground or to pull leaves or bark from trees. They also use their trunk like a big hose, sucking up water and then squirting it into their mouth to drink. Elephants eat and drink a lot. A single elephant will consume between 100-200 kg (220-440 lbs) of food every day and drink about 225 liters (59 gallons) of water. To meet these needs, elephants spend about 75% of their time finding and eating food.

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why does the elephants always look as if the are mourning when a elephant died or is killed?


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